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Welcome to Alteredtshirt
Welcome to Alteredtshirt

Welcome to,

                                      Unlike most of the big brand build your own shirt sites out there we don't want you to be just one of the crowd. That's why we let you use our custom designs or your own art files and not just random clip art, sure we have it but that is not what we are about. As an artist I know how difficult it can be to be held back by the limitations of such cookie cutter ideas and have no interest of imposing that on my customers.

Creating your own one of a kind t-shirt ought to be just a little easier then choosing from some random clipart so we allow you to upload your own art files, be it a photo of your recently departed loved one or your best friend, your car, or motorcycle. If it can been seen on a computer screen  it can be printed on to a shirt.

We offer a generous print area of up to 16.5x28x4  inches on both light and dark items, we also print on more then just shirts. Other items include canvases, hats, towels, pants, jackets, and other items as we improve our output ability.

By allowing  you to use your own art files to get started with you can have a truly unique altered t-shirt and stand out in the crowd. Just think what you can do when you start out with something unique and add your touches to it, now you have that one of a kind shirt that people will ask "Hay where did you get that shirt at ?"

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